Physical Education: 25 Benefits of Physical Education essay

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Physical Education: 25 Benefits of Physical Education

IntroductionPhysical Education or simply PE is a course that is taught as part of the school curriculum. Though it may vary from region to region or curriculum, it seeks to improve the health and fitness of pupils and students. However, unless you understand what it is and how it adds value to your child, you may not appreciate it.

Meaning: Physical Education can simply be defined as educating using physical means. These activity sees the participants involved in physical exercises to improve their activeness, alertness, fitness, aliveness health as well as general wellness.

The exercises are quite varied and include skipping, hopping, jumping, running on the spot, lifting, pushing, pulling and more.

25 Benefits of Physical Education

1. Improved Fitness: Skipping, jumping, running, lifting and other exercises make a person more fit.

2. Unity, Team-spirit and Togetherness: Exercising with other students helps forge togetherness and boosts team spirit.

3. Makes a Person More Active: It makes a person more active and helps combating ailments associated with laziness or ‘potato couching.”

4. Lots of Fun: Physical exercises are fun and enjoyable especially when they are varied.

5. Increased SocializationPE teaches students to be more social and also outgoing. This shapes their future life and interaction.

6. Better Health: Regular exercises improve the respiratory, cardiovascular, immune and other bodily systems. This keeps diseases at bay.

7. Boosts Self Esteem: Regular interaction with other pupils or students improves self-esteem and awareness.

8. Talent DiscoveryInstructors or teachers can easily spot talent during the exercises and will guide a pupil so as to improve the talent.

9. Boosts General Wellness: In addition to making a person more active and fit, PE also improves general wellness.

10. Reduces InjuriesAccording to research, people who regularly exercise are less prone to injuries and will recover more quickly from fatigue or sickness.

11. Encourages Team SpiritWorking together and following instructions is the winning recipe for a strong and solid team.

12. Goal Setting: Students will be encouraged to set and aim at meeting their target. Over time, they become good goal setters and achievers.

13. Reduces Boredom: Physical education takes away the boredom of staying in the classroom.

14. Step to Future CareerMany careers such as gym instructors, physiotherapist, sportsmen and others are founded on physical education.

15. Minimize Monotony: Unlike learning, PE is quite varied and can be interchanged at will. This ensures that all participants have something to enjoy.

16. Warm-up Exercises: Most warming-up exercises are founded on physical Education. Think of skipping, squatting, and running on the spot.

17. Relaxes the MindPE helps relax the mind especially after being in a classroom for long or handling a challenging academic task.

18. Boost Strength: PE helps to improve the strength, stamina and endurance. Good exercises include skipping rope, carrying each other, playing soccer (football) and more.

19. Break from Academics: This activity allows pupils /students to take a break from demanding academics.

20. Improves Cognitive Performance: Participants become more alert and their brain functioning and memory improves over time.

21. Self Discipline: Listening to instructions and following them instills self-discipline in the students.

22. Stress Reduction: PE is known to lower the stress levels and helps a person temporarily forget a problem.

23. Support other FieldsSubjects such as social studies, biology and sports are related to physical education.

24. Improves Judgment: Students learn how to develop their morals as they follow instructions and work with others. They also learn to accept responsibilities.

25. Enhance Physical Competence: Physical education helps nurture positive attitudes and talents which shape a person’s future.

Conclusion: Though it may seem like a mundane activity, PE is vital in the proper growth of a child. And unless you understand it and its positive effects, you are more-likely to ignore or apply the wrong strategies. In addition to making your child more active and physically fit, physical education also keeps diseases at bay.


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