Position and Status of Women in Mughal Period

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Position and Status of Women in Mughal Period

Unlike in the ancient Indian period, the position and status of  women in the Mughal period (age) was not quite high. Purdah and child marriage had become common. Except those of the lower classes, women in Mughal period did not move out of their houses.

The Muslims women observed purdah much more strictly than the Hindus. The birth of a daughter was considered inauspicious, while that of a son was an occasion for rejoicing. On account of early marriage, there were many widows in our society. Generally, women in Mughal Period were not allowed to remarry.

Polygamy was common among rich society. Divorce was not common among the Hindus, while it was permitted both for Muslim men and women.

However, women exercised great influence at home and some of them helped their husbands in their avocations. Generally, it was the responsibility of the men to look after the economic affairs, and the women would take care of the needs at home.

Though, the overall position of women in Mughal period was low, there were many Hindu and Muslim women of outstanding ability, whose fame is still relevant today.

There were many Hindu women of outstanding ability during this period, notably Rani Durgawati of Gondwana, Rani Karmawati, Mira Bai, Tarabai, etc.

Among the Muslim women in Mughal Period, Salima Sultan Begum, Ruqaiya Sultan Begum, Nur Jahan, Mumtaz Mahal, Chand Bibi, Jahanara, Raushanara, Zeb-un-nisa, etc. played an important part in the affairs of that time.

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