Poverty and Child Labour in India

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Poverty and Child Labour in India

Child Labour is closely linked to poverty. India being a thickly populated country. A large section of people being compelled to live below poverty line. A large numbers of children in India are engaged as laborers to earn some money for their family’s sake.

In the scenario of extreme poverty, children are forced to lead a dismal dark life, without the light of education, and under the shadow of exploitation.

Child labour is commonly seen at various places in India. From roadside tea stalls to big and small factories producing sundry products like cement, handloom and jute products, carpets, fashionable tawdry ornaments and fireworks and many other hazardous jobs, children are working in abysmal condition.

They have been cases where child labours were severely beaten and offered no medical help in case they complain or try to escape or hurt themselves.

There are practical difficulties in the way of abolishing child labor overnight. Without eradicating poverty child labor cannot be abolished. There must be a special awakening to check the evil.

Fortunately many philanthropic organizations have come forward insisting the government on promulgating and implementing laws to keep children away from such hazardous occupations.

However, mere laws would not totally solve the problem of child labour, if we do not provide any substitute way for better living for the families from where the children come from.

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