Praise Government Officials or Employees (ENGLISH LETTER WRITING)

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Praise Government Officials or Employees


Sample Letter 1



My thanks to the City Commission for the concerts they sponsored during the holiday season. I was fortunate to attend three of the concerts and enjoyed the excellent instrumental music, the wandering carolers, and the opportunity to sing carols with the choirs. The children singers were especially delightful. Thank you for adding so much to the holiday season.



Sample Letter 2



Employees such as Jane Doe are a credit to the University. I would willingly stand in line just to have her wait on me. She cheerfully helps me whenever I need it and always remembers my name. What a treat it is to deal with her. I am sure this will not be the only letter expressing these sentiments in her employee file. Please let her know how much she is appreciated.



Sample Letter 3



I would like to compliment John Doe, the city employee who works at the Electrical Permits Counter. John answered several questions I didn’t know the answers to, and was able to expedite my permit application process immeasurably. Knowledgeable and courteous staff like Mr. Doe cannot be overvalued.



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