Prevention of Diseases Caused by Water Pollution essay

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Prevention of Diseases Caused by Water Pollution

The following steps should be taken to prevent diseases that are caused by Water Pollution:

1. Water Borne diseases are risky. Safe drinking water should be taken; corporation or municipal tap water or water from deep tube-well is usually safe.

2. In hotels, restaurants, marriage feasts, picnic, parties etc. water should not be taken, as there is risk of contamination.

3. After defecation, both the hands are to be washed with soap and water.

4.  Processed or cut fruits sold openly, sherbet (sweet-ended, flavored and coloured cold water), cold water, ice, ice-cream etc. from the roadside vendors should not be taken to avoid the risk of contamination.

5. Before eating, hand should be washed with soap and water.

6. Ordinary filters are not very effective to prevent water pollution. When water is passed through ultraviolet rays, it become safe.

7. Boiled water is safe and helps to prevent water borne diseases.

8. Raw unfiltered Ganges water, water with which a deity has been washed, special offerings prepared with flour, sweets etc. are usually contaminated.

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