Problem of Child Labor in India

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The problem of Child Labor in India

Child Labor has become a big problem in India. It is no doubt, a socio-economic problem. A national survey had shown that more than 16 million children between eight to fourteen are largely appointed in hotels and boarding houses, in tea-shops, restaurants, in commercial firms, in factories and fisheries.

They are engaged into all sorts of work for the sake of earning something for the family. As a result, they are also deprived of primary education, without which chance of success in life is remote. Children are employed in agricultural labor; they drive carts and take care of cattle. Girl children have to act as maid servants and baby sitters. They cook and clean, they wash clothes and collect fuel. It is true that a number of laws have been imposed to prevent child labor. But they are more flouted than obeyed. The ban has been imposed to save the children from hazardous works and to restore their care-free childhood. But some opines that if the ban is imposed without the arrangements of proper rehabilitation of the child workers, it would be of no effect. There is no state which is free from the evil of child labor.

The curse of child labor is not continued to India alone. It has widely spread to such developing countries as Nepal, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Burma and Sri Lanka.

Poverty is not the only factor responsible for children being engaged as labor. They came cheaper and their parents don’t have employment opportunities. Appropriate social security measures should be adopted for ensuring the enactment of the law.

Indian Government must come forward to remove this curse with adequate financial help to the poor family. The Government must arrange for free education and treatment for the children. Child Labor Act must be properly maintained and followed.

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