Qudsia Bagh (Garden) in Old Delhi, India

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Qudsia Bagh (Garden) in Old Delhi, India

Qudsia Bagh

Qudsia Bagh is also known as Qudsia Garden.

The Quidsia Garden is a garden and palace complex in Old Delhi, India. It was laid out in 1748 A.D. by Qudsia Begum, the wife of emperor Muhammad Shah and the mother of Ahmed Shah Bahadur, from whose reign dates the final decline of the Mughal Empire.

Qudsia Begum must have been a remarkable woman. Born a slave, she became a dancing girl and rose to be the wife of an emperor and mother to his successor.

The name of Qudsia Begum is associated with the fine garden, which once skirted the bank of the Yamuna and had an imposing gateway, pavilions at each side, a mosque a chabutra or platform overlooking the river and an imposing stone terrace, flanked by two towers facing the river. The garden is known as Qudsia Bagh.

Little is left of these edifices except a ruined gateway and a scarred mosque. The Qudsia Bagh is also connected with the war of 1857, for it was from here that a British mortar battery kept firing throughout the night of September 10 on the curtain connecting the Water and Kashmere Bastions.

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