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Radio is one of the greatest scientific inventions of modern science. It is very important as a media as it is an easy means of entertainment and communication. It performs its function through the air by electromagnetic waves without wires. It is popular to all classes’ people. It offers us news, recreational programs, educational programmers; weather forecast etc. various important issues including different types of government programme are broadcast through the radio. It has an educative value too. It can play a vital role in educating the common people. The rural people are greatly benefited by it. It is a constant companion in rural Bangladesh. It can make people aware of various diseases, family planning, sanitation etc. the fisherman in the sea get the weather news in advance and return home safely. It helps the authority of airport to take the right decision. It has become a companion to the lonely people and friend to the friendless. In short, the contribution and importance of a radio in our life is extensive and undeniable.

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