Raj Ghat Memorial (Gandhi Samadhi)

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Raj Ghat Memorial (Gandhi Samadhi)

Raj Ghat is memorial of Mahatma Gandhi, where his remains were cremated. Entrance to the Samadhi is by two simple gates of red brick work, one on Ring Road (the main gate) and the other on the south-west side. A broad footpath, flanked by velvety lawn, leads to the simple open Samadhi.

A raised square platform with the words ‘Hey Ram”. These were the last and only words Gandhiji ultered at that time. These words are engraved on it. It marks the place where Gandhiji was cremated. There is a low carved enclosure, mounted with simple the Samadhi with raised flower beds at the four corners. Access to this platform is by a flight of steps from all sides from another and larger platform lower down.

Gandhiji’s Samadhi has become a place of pilgrimage. October 2nd (anniversary of his birth),  January 30 (anniversary of his death), and February 12 (the day on which his ashes were immersed) are observed as days of national prayer at Rajghat. Also, every Friday evening (the day on which Gandhiji died), prayers are held at the Samadhi and offerings of flowers made.

On national festivals and particularly on Gandhiji’s birth and death anniversaries thousands of people flock to Rajghat and pay their homage to the man who freed the country from foreign yoke. These are occasions for them to rededicate themselves to the ideals for which Gandhiji lived and died.

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