Rani Durgavati Maravi (History)

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Rani Durgavati Maravi (History)

Rani Durgavati

Rani Durgavati was the Gond Queen. She was the wife of Daalpat Shah. She is famous in Indian History for defeating the army of Baz Bahadur and bravely fighting against the Mughal Army.


Rani Durgavati was born on 5th October 1524. She belongs to the family of famous Rajput Emperor Keerat Rai of Chandel Dynasty.

Rani Durgavati was born at Kalanjar fort (presently in Uttar Pradesh). She was a brave girl could sacrifice her life for the honor of her kingdom.


Then Duragvati got married to Daalpat shah of Gond Dynasty in 1542. The relationship between Chandel and Gond dynasty were very good.


King Daalpat Shah died in 1550. Vir Narayan was the son of Daalpat Shah and Rani Durgavati. Vir Narayan was just around 5 year old kid at the time of death of his father. Rani Durgavati herself took over the Gond Kingdom. Then she moved her capital from Singaurgarh to Chauragarh due to its strategic importance.

War with Baz Bahadur

Baz Bahadur attacked her army but got huge losses and defeated by the army of Rani Durgavati. This victory brought fame and name for Durgavati.

Struggle with Mughal Army

Akbar defeated the Malwa ruler Baz Bahadur in 1562 and brought it under Mughal dominion.

When Rani Durgavati heard about this Mughal attack, she preferred to die respectfully rather to live disgraceful life.  The battle between armies of Mughals and Rani Duragvati took place in 1564. The Mughal Army was huge but Rani Durgavati fought with great vigor and courage. After the death of her faujdar, Rani Durgavati decided to lead.


But Rani Durgavati got injured and taken away to safe place. When Rani felt that victory is not possible, Rani Durgavati refused to stay there and killed herself. The incident took place on 24th June, 1564.


In 1983, the University of Jabalpur was renamed as Rani Durgavati Vishwavidyalaya by the Madhya Pradesh Government. There is also a train named Durgavati express.

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