Reading: 50 Reasons Why Reading is so Important in Our Life essay

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Reading: 50 Reasons Why Reading is so Important in Our Life

What is the meaning of Reading? The act of reading involves understanding the meaning of written words. It involves the imagination and the emotions as well as the brain’s capacity for logic, memory and of course language use and acquisition.

Children usually learn to read and to write at the same time, and this is known as ‘literacy’. Once you have learnt to read, you have a skill that will stand you in good stead for life!

Scholars suggest that reading and writing were developed around five thousand years ago, in ancient Mesopotamia. Ever since then, reading has been a past time, a scholarly pursuit, and a way of connecting with the world. Below, we give you 50 reasons why reading is so important in our life.

50 Reasons Why Reading is So Important in Our Life.

1. Fueling the imagination. Books allow us to enter new worlds and expand our horizons.

2. Staying informed. Reading the news or scholarly articles keep us informed about the world.

3. Connecting with others. Reading a story to a loved one, is a wonderful way to show that you care.

4. Keeping culture alive. Literary culture exists in the minds and hearts of people who love reading.

5. Empathy. Studies have shown that people who read a lot tend to be more empathetic than people who are not keen readers. Reading helps us to see the world through other people’s eyes.

6. A transferable skill. Literacy skills are useful in almost all types of job, and in so many different contexts.

7. Staying safe. Where would we be if we couldn’t read warning signs, safety notices, and the instruction booklets that come with household appliances?

8. Communicating. Reading and writing are valuable means of communication in both business contexts and in the contexts of our families and friendship circles.

9. Finding the best words. What better way to express complex emotions than through reading a poem?

10. Expressing your love. A love letter will always be a wonderful way to tell someone how much your care for them.

11. Making sense of the world. Psychologists have found that people who write down their worries, and then read over what they have written, find it easier to make sense of their problems – and find solutions to them.

12. Escapism. Reading is often the perfect escape that you need from the pressures of everyday life.

13. Keeps You Busy. A good book or a fascinating article keeps you occupied throughout a long commute. Just make sure not to get so absorbed that you miss your stop!

14. A workout for your brain. Keen readers keep their brains active and sharp well into later life.

15. The gift of books. A book is the perfect gift for a special occasion: something for the recipient to treasure for a lifetime.

16. Learning languages. Practicing your reading skills is an essential aspect of learning a new language.

17. Permanence. Written information can be read as many times as you like – and by a potentially infinite number of people. Spoken information can be instantly forgotten.

18. Exam success. Writing good notes, and then reading them over and over again, is key to exam success!

19. The beauty of calligraphy. A hand written letter is one of the most wonderful gifts to receive.

20. A window into the soul? Some people believe that you can tell what a person’s personality is like from their handwriting.

21. A glimpse into the past. Reading enables us to learn about history, and thus make sense of the present and future.

22. Strength through collaboration. Sharing ideas by reading other people’s work has been right at the heart of scientific collaboration.

23. A release of emotions. When you feel sad, you may want to find an outlet for your emotions by reading an appropriate poem or novel.

24. A morning tradition. A cup of tea or coffee, a lazy breakfast, and reading the news in bed: a classic recipe for a Sunday morning.

25. Being part of things. When you have read the same books, articles or news reports as your friends and colleagues, you will have plenty to talk (and debate) about.

26. ‘The book was much better than the film’. Let’s face it: we all love being able to say this whenever a new release comes out.

27. Cementing a friendship. Giving reading recommendations is a lovely way to get to know your friends, and to let them see a little part of your soul.

28. Consolation. Books will always be there for us: they are our companions through dark times.

29. Improving your writing skills. All writers will tell you that if you want to be a successful poet or novelist, you need to read as voraciously as you can!

30. Cooking and nutrition. Flicking through a cookbook is a brilliant way to broaden your culinary horizons.

31. Inspiration. No matter what your issue, reading something related to it will give you a spark of inspiration.

32. Finding facts. Why fall for media hype and hearsay? Reading and research skills will enable you to base all of your opinions on fact.

33. Concentration. Reading is great for training your brain to concentrate for long periods of time.

34. A little peace and quiet. Reading is such a gentle hobby, and a fantastic way to bring some peace and tranquility into your life.

35. Winding down before bed. Experts recommend switching off all of your electronic devices (such as your laptop and cellphone) at least an hour before bed, and lulling yourself to sleep by reading a chapter or two of a good book instead.

36. Laying down the law. Laws, constitutions and other rules and regulations must, in general, be written down. Being able to read them could spell the difference between going to jail or staying at liberty.

37. Transnational communication. Reading emails or social media messages is a brilliant way of staying in touch with people all over the globe.

38. Traveling vicariously. Can’t afford to go on holiday? Pick up a good travel book and let your mind wander the world instead.

39. Erudition. The better read you are, the more erudite you will be: fact.

40. A requirement for higher study. Reading books, articles and other printed matter is essential to success at school and in tertiary education.

41. Knowing what you’re signing. It’s so important to read the small print before you sign any contract.

42. It’s free! Plenty of classic works of literature can be downloaded for free.

43. It brings people together. Public libraries are invaluable community spaces.

44. Remembering things. Jotting down a phone number, date, or address so that you can read it back later is very useful.

45. Making a wedding extra special. Readings from religious texts, or from the couple’s favorite poems, are integral parts of a wedding ceremony.

46. Remembering your past self. Nothing is so touching – and, occasionally hilarious – as reading back over you old diaries and remembering what you used to be like.

47. Checking ingredients. Do you follow a special diet, like veganism? Do you have a food allergy? It is so important to read the ingredients on grocery packaging.

48. Ethics. Reading the works of philosophers and ethicists can help to enhance your worldview.

49. Dinner party wit. It’s always impressive when someone has a good store of quotations that they can cite at appropriate moments at parties.

50. Living life to the full. A life without books lacks one of the greatest pleasures known to humankind!


Reading keeps us connected, keeps us informed, and keeps us happy. It is our gateway to knowledge, and a way of making the historical past come back to life. Both an everyday skill and a philosophical pursuit, reading pervades all aspects of our lives.

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