Reading: Meaning and Importance essay

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Reading: Meaning and Importance

Reading gives us a place to go when we have to stay where we are! This is just one example what reading can give us! Of course, there are so many other gifts too that can be unveiled through reading! Every day, we advise our children to read. Reading is pleasure and reading is fun too. Let us know the meaning and importance of reading and find out why reading is such a vital part of lives.

Meaning of Reading

The meaning of reading cannot be explained in just few words. In fact, the topic ‘meaning of reading’ is a subject of deep research and analysis. Still, we have tried our best to define and explain the meaning of reading through the following definitions.

The meaning of reading is a vast subject. Just scroll through the given below points in order to understand the meaning of reading.

  • Decoding SymbolsThe simplest definition of reading is that it is a way of decoding symbols so that a sensible meaning can be derived. When we start decoding the symbols called ‘alphabets’, they become words and proper arrangement of words in a sentence lead to a sensible meaning.
  • Versatile Process – Reading involves many procedures in it. It is a versatile method that includes the identification of words, understanding and knowledge. When a person starts reading, he automatically starts following all these procedures, which are embed together in reading. Reading helps you to communicate better. It helps you understand the various cultures and civilizations of the world. Reading helps us understand our past and paves way for future.
  • Attainment of Knowledge – Another meaning of reading involves the method of achieving knowledge. Every piece of writing gives you some sort of knowledge. Every subject demands that you read. Attaining knowledge without reading is absolutely impossible.
  • Relation between Text & Reader – Reading builds a relation between the reader and text. This is the foremost reason why reading is a passion for so many people all over the world. It is also worth mentioning here that reading gives you pleasure and peace. When we read something in a peaceful environment, it gives us a relaxed feeling. We feel as if we are meditating. Hence, reading is also a way to achieve self-relaxation and inner peace.
  • First Step towards Education – Yes! This is completely true! Reading is the first step towards education. When a child goes to school, he first starts reading and recognizing. Writing is something that follows reading.

Importance of Reading – Why is it Important to Read?

  1. Reading is directly proportional to knowledge – You cannot get knowledge without reading! It is a fact. The more you read, the more knowledgeable you become! Be it science, history, arts or any other subject, reading is indispensable for staying aware and get knowledge.

  1. Reading provides information We scroll through sites, we glance through newspapers, and we turn the pages of magazines and books! Why? It is simply because we want to stay informed. Without reading and going through various sources of reading, we cannot get information on any subject. The recent example is this article itself! Why are you reading it? Of course because you want to gain information on significance of reading!

  1. Reading improves your speech skills – Be it public speaking, general communication or group discussions, the only way to improve your speech skill is to read as much as you can. Let us understand it this way. When we read, our brain actually focuses on the text that lies in front of our eyes. We pace up with the words and try to finish the piece of any write-up. You will come across thousands of people who are good speakers because they are good readers too!

  1. Reading helps you learn new words Nobody can mug up the dictionary! Moreover, when we try to learn newer words from the dictionary we easily forget them. You ought to read in order to learn new words. Reading does not only clarify the meaning of many words but also make you remember those new words which you have learned through reading.

  1. Reading enriches your stock of words – What happens when you start reading a new novel or a daily newspaper? Well, you definitely get to learn at least one new word. Obviously, when you learn new words through reading, your stock of words gets enriched. On the contrary, when you stop reading, you confine yourself to only fewer words.

  1. Reading helps you become more intelligent – There are scientific as well as general reasons behind this fact. Scientifically, your brain becomes active and alert when you read something. Also, regular reading habits lead to enhanced concentration. The general reasons why you become intelligent through reading include the fact that when we read newspapers, magazines or other sources of reading, we become informed. Enhanced concentration, active brain and information on various subjects definitely contribute in the intelligence of a person.

  1. Reading is essential for achieving improvement in reading skills – There are many among us who are quite slow at reading. Also, many people find difficulty in reading and understanding lengthy sentences. So how can we overcome such difficulties in reading? Well, the sheer way to improve your reading skills is to spend more time on reading. Consider the example of Mathematics. How do we improve it? The more we practice solving sums, the easier this subject becomes! Hence, same applies to reading techniques too!

Conclusion: The key to success lies in reading. If we stop reading, we will stop understanding. We will deprive ourselves from so much of important information. Reading is indispensable to knowledge, information and success. It is a way to share ideas. It is a way of understanding the expressions of others. Reading do wonders to one’s life! It all depends as to what kind of reading material do we choose to read! So keep reading, keep learning and keep enhancing your knowledge and information each day!

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