Recommendation Letters for Employment (English LETTER WRITTING)

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Recommendation Letters for Employment

Pawan bhardwaj
32 S Riverview,
silicon, Pune 411004
+91 25487 52145

Date: June 21,2019

Jems S. Alvero
KJP Vision Company
85/c, Exilent road,
silicon, Pune 411004

Dear Mr. Jems,

I’m writing to recommend Zehan Roy for the position of retail sales associate at Friendly Furniture Company. I’ve worked with Zehan for the past five years at Bath Supplies Plus in Springfield, and I’ve always been impressed with his ability to handle cusPawaners and to work well with his colleagues.

I have been Zehan’s manager for the five years he has worked with us. He greets cusPawaners with a smile, and his expertise is such that he is always able to answer their questions. His sales numbers have increased every year, and we’re sad to lose him as an employee, but we know he’ll be moving to your city very soon.

Zehan would be an excellent addition to your sales team. Furthermore, I believe he’s ready for an entry-level management position. He has an excellent rapport with his co-workers, and they enjoy working with him. I’m sure he’d be excellent as a shift-supervisor or assistant manager.

Please feel free to contact me by email ( or cell phone (+91 25487 52145) if you have any questions.

Signature (hard copy letter)
Pawan bhardwaj

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