Religion and Science are complementary to each other – Essay

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Religion and Science are complementary to each other – Essay

Religion and Science

Religion aims at making human life happier and better and science also is devoted to the same objective. The differences between the two do not lie in their objectives though they may differ in their approaches. Though, Religion and science are outwardly antagonistic gut inwardly complementary to each other.

There has been an age-old controversy between religion and science. Religion is older than science. Religion was born with man while science developed with the human faculties of observation. The former is based on faith while the latter relies on reason, cause and effect. With the advent of science and it’s miracles, many religious superstitions have been shaken. Still, religion persists in asserting itself. Religion has helped a lot in the development of humanity.

Though science developed only in the ninetieth century yet it has proved more than a match for religion. The conflict between the two has always engaged many eminent thinkers. All the religions of the world repose their faith in god. They proclaim their faith in soul and its immortality, put forth their old theories about the creation of this universe and prescribe a code of conduct. Thus, religions have guided humanity for a long time. In course of time, several wrong practices crept into different religions. In this way, religion became tools of exploitation in the hands of the few.

Darwin’s Theory of Evolution gave a crushing blow to the superstitions and thus, science opened a new chapter of reason in the realm of human thought. Now, people have begun to believe in facts and figures. Old superstitions and dogmas have vanished in the thin.

Science has showered countless blessings on humanity. It has given us the quick means of travel, good means of recreation, easy means of medical facilities and lucrative means of agricultural development. At the same time, it has neglected the spiritual aspect of life. Moreover, the destructive weapons invented by science have posed a serious threat to humanity.

Religion and Science, combined together, support the common cause of man’s progress on this planet. Most of the people are confused about their role in the context of human affairs. In fact, religion manifests internal enlightenment while science reflects the external progress or physical development. Both are equally important. Body and soul co-exist. One cannot exist without the other. Religion is a food for our soul while science is a food for our body.

A true religion does not lie in formalism or ritualism. It is that light which removes the gloom of ignorance. It is an instrument of discipline which exercised its power on the minds of the people when there was no civilization, no police, no military and no government. Religion pursuaded people give up the evil. It also attracted the people though a lure of heaven so that the people might follow the path of grace and goodness.

Religion is related eternal truth and wisdom while science symbolizes only temporary knowledge of the physical aspects of this universe. If the imperishable wisdom of religion continues to guide the knowledge of science in a right direction, there will be no third world war. So, let us wish that religion and science may be in perfect harmony with each other for the survival of humanity.

A judicious mix of religion and science is a guarantee for man’s spiritual and material upliftment. Each has a distinct role to play. There is no scope for conflict. However, enlightened religion should replace the orthodox and out-dated dogmas.

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