Respond to a Complaint and Treat It As Valuable Feedback (ENGLISH LETTER WRITING)

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Respond to a Complaint and Treat It As Valuable Feedback


Sample Letter 1



We appreciate your letter suggesting a \”less confusing\” format for our sales catalog. We regret that you have had difficulty with the current layout and realize that many others may be having the same problem. Thank you for taking the time to bring this to our attention. We have directed our art department to consider your concerns for the next issue. Again, thank you for the valuable feedback.



Sample Letter 2



I appreciated your valuable comment concerning the slippery walkways around our sales lot and was sorry to hear that you lost your footing and fell while viewing our vehicles last week. This has been a rough winter, and we have had to hire additional personnel to keep up with the snow and ice removal. Still, I thought the walkways were clean last week so I appreciate your calling this to my attention. We may need more supervision of our snow removal crew. I assure you the next time you visit our location the walkways will be clear and safe. Thank you for caring enough to tell us.



Sample Letter 3



Thank you for your letter regarding the poor service you received at our Springfield office. Customer opinion keeps us on our toes. I have spoken with the man that waited on you and showed him your letter. He acknowledged the poor service and promised to improve. Please come back and try us again. We appreciate your business.



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