Results of the Great Revolt of 1857 essay

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Results of the Great Revolt of 1857

The results of the great revolt of 1857 A.D. had been far-reaching. Though the revolt had failed, historian like Sir Legal Greffin stated that ‘The revolt of 1857 A.D. swept the Indian sky clear of many clouds”. This rebellion brought far-reaching changes in political, social and other aspects.

1. On 2nd August 1857 A.D. ‘An act for the better government in India” has been passed. By this act, the East India Company’s rule ended with the direct of Queen Victoria. The Viceroy post was created instead of the earlier Governor General. Instead of the Board of Control and the Court of Directors, the post of the Secretary of States for India was initiated. For proper governance, the Imperial Legislative Council was formed with 15 members.

2. On 1st November, 1858 A.D. Queen Victoria had promised in a declaration.

  1. The Doctrine of Lapse will be ended.
  2. The Indians will be appointed according to their qualifications.
  3. The policy of imperial expansion will be abandoned.
  4. Nobody’s personal customs and beliefs will be interfered notwithstanding anyone’s race, religion or caste.
  5. All Indian prisoners excepting those committing serious offences will be released.

3.  The Indian army will be reorganized so that the sepoys will not revolt again and the sepoys will also not be placed in higher military services.

4.  To please the Indians, the criminal laws were reformed and universities were set up. The portfolio system of distribution was introduced in administration. The Indian Councils Act was passed in 1861 A.D. Still, the Indians expressed their resentment by raising the demand of self government. Another cause of unrest after the revolt was that the Queen had not kept her promises declared earlier. Dr. Bipan Chandra called the proclamation a fraud. R.C. Majumder said, ‘The period of administration by the crown was thus a period of broken pledges”.

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