Rice paragraph

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Rice paragraph

Rice is a kind of food. It is an obtained from paddy. Rice is our staple food. It grows in plenty in Bangladesh. India, Ceylon, Burma, apan and in many countries of the world. There are plenty many kinds of rice .but the chief varieties are Aus. Amman and boro. But Amman is superior in quality and grows in plenty in our country the Amman is sown in the month of shraban and quality and grows in plenty in our country. The Amman is sown in the month of sraban and Bhadra. It is reaped in paush, the Aus. grows on high land.it is sown in the month of baishakh and reaped in Bhadra .the boro grows on marshy places where water stands till the winter season. It is sown in winter and reaped in spring. At present a new variety of rice called rare is being cultivated. It grows fifty to sixty mounds per acre rice is of two kinds atap and siddha various kinds of delicious foods are prepared from rice.

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