Role of Students in Modern India essay

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Role of Students in Modern India

Student can play a significant role in the development of modern India.

Agriculture and education are the backbone of modern India. Students are the most progressive and important section of the people of a country. Students have really a very significant role to play in the society of modern India. It is through their selfless efforts that India will tide over crisis and take her proper place in the world.

The modern India should be educated. In India most of the people are still  illiterate. This illiteracy is the bane of our national life. This picture is still darker in rural areas where the people are steeped in poverty, ignorance and all sorts of superstitions. It is the duty of the students to come to the aid of these poor people, educate them and make them enjoy the fruits of freedom.

The modern India should have all have latest technology in agriculture. In the countryside most people are agriculturists. They must be taught new techniques in agricultural science, to high-yielding seeds and proper manures. Even the use of electronics should be brought in so that they can safely enter the 21st century.

The students must teach the village poor fundamental laws of hygiene and bring cheers in their minds. They must come out to help them in distress, and help them realize their role. Students must not forget that on them depends the future of India.

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