Rural and urban poverty in India Essay

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Causes of Rural and Urban Poverty in India

Rural and urban poverty in India

In spite of all efforts, Poverty has remained in both Rural and Urban India. The potent causes of Urban and Rural Poverty in India are as follows:


Both rural and urban India suffers from the problem of over-population. This has been and remains an overriding cause and the social conscience, somehow, has not got aroused in the manner and proportion as it should have been, to combat this menace.

A large proportion of our population, at least those who lack education and enlightenment have not yet taken the birth-control as seriously as they should have.

Among the educated and the elite class, a two-child norm seems to have become a rule but nothing of that sort seems to get into the head of the rural uneducated class.

The democratically formed government cannot dare make stringent rules to enforce family-planning as they have done in China – more than one child and the man and woman lose their jobs.

The explosion of population scenario makes the imbalance in demand and supply and causes poverty in Urban as well as Rural India.

There have been a lot of production-oriented schemes launched and the country’s production in all fields has been boosted up, still that does not meet the needs of one billion population marks which also must have long been crossed after the last number to make it one billion.

Draught, floods, and other natural calamities

Draught, floods, and other natural calamities have also been occurring and re-occurring that has also been diverting the country’s material and financial resources to meet the adverse situations. The inability to combat with sudden natural disasters has further contributed for the growth of poverty in rural and urban India. We have yet not been able to evolve any natural-calamity combating mechanism and the sufferings of people have been wide-spread and enormous and the resources are limited.

Terrorism and War conditions

War conditions and even wars fought with Pakistan during the last sixty years and keeping up the preparations for the impending one are also draining away quite a sizeable resources of the country. Country’s independence, its integrity and solidarity has to be the prime concern and no relaxation in that field can be permitted, whatsoever be its fall out. This has also been a cause for the country not being able to combat its poverty which should have been fought at the war-level.


Still in spite of all these adverse conditions, there are signs of economic development both in urban and rural India. According to research reports, the economic growth in India, China, and South Asian countries will enable them to reduce poverty. India and China which account for 38 per cent of the world’s population, have largely avoided the financial crisis that shook their southeast Asian neighbors.

This is, thus, the total poverty scene in rural and urban India. What are indeed necessary and needed is that there be a political, economic, strategical, military stability and free time for the government to plan the eradication of poverty and India is capable of combating, controlling and winning this war against poverty.

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