Rural Life in India

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Rural Life in India

The rural people dive in their small huts surrounded by trees and vegetables. The breathe pure air. The rural people grow their own vegetables. From early morning to night, nothing sensational happens.

The village looks beautiful in the rural setting. There are fruit trees. There are tanks and ponds. There are paddy fields that spread to the horizon. There are very few buildings are small markets.

The rural society mainly consists of middle class people, peasants, artisans, potters, blacksmiths, barbers, and washer men. There are priests who worship at the different houses. The relations among them are friendly and personal.

In rural areas, everyone is everyone’s friend and relation. However, in a town each lives for himself and cares little for his neighbor.

Every man is free to live his life in his own way. The cultivators go to till the land or gather harvest. The small artisans do their work nicely. If there is a village school, the young boys and girls do their lessons in the morning and go to their schools.

In the free atmosphere of the village, the children become bold, frank, and healthy. They learn to respect the old men of the village and obey their orders. The older people look upon the younger men as the children of their own house.

There is great scope for outdoor enjoyment in rural India. They play football, cricket, kabaddi, etc. Kite flying is air-exciting passion of the village.

The food they take is fresh and pure. They eat fresh vegetables. They drink the milk of their own cows. Naturally, they grow healthy and strong.

The life of the rural people rests on the lap of Nature. The green grass and trees surround them. Open space is all about them. Paddy fields and vegetable gardens lie about them. Nature in all her charming aspects pleases the eyes and delights the hearts.

However, the people in rural India are mostly ignorant and superstitious. They generally follow customs and manners that come down from generation to generation.

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