Scenic beauty of Mandu (Mandav) essay

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Scenic beauty of Mandu (Mandav)

Mandu is also known as Mandav. The great Mughal Emperor Jahangir testified in his memoirs, there is ‘no place so pleasant in climate and so pretty in scenery as Mandu in the rainy season’.

During the autumn, Mandu, clothed in green with turbulent brooks and torrents rushing down into the encircling ravine, presents a magnificent spectacle. A dozen cool lakes and dark polls, nestling in the hollows, form excellent breeding grounds for duck, geese and other water-birds.

The fertile Nimar plain stretching a thousand feet below the plateau, with winding waterways and smiling green fields, forms a most picturesque background.

The Mandu plateau measures four to five miles from east the west and three to four miles from north to south.

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