Schedule an Appointment to Interview a Potential Employee (ENGLISH LETTER WRITING)

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Schedule an Appointment to Interview a Potential Employee


Sample Letter 1



We have received your application and would like to discuss the consulting position we are offering in Doe’s public relations office. I have arranged for you to meet with the hiring committee on December 1, at 3:30 p.m. The meeting will be in Room 240 of the Administration Building, 1600 Main Street.


Please be prepared to discuss your resume in some depth. If you are unable to keep this appointment, please call the Human Resources Office at 555-5555 to reschedule the interview.


We look forward to meeting with you.



Sample Letter 2



I have reviewed your resume and would like to interview you for a position in my department. I am able to see you in my office at 9:30 a.m. on either October 1, 2, or 8. Please call my administrative assistant, John Doe, and advise him which of these dates suits your schedule. If you prefer a different date, he will try to accommodate you.


Please be prepared to discuss how your particular experiences will enable you to attract research grant money to this firm.


I look forward to meeting with you.



Sample Letter 3



Thank you for the resume and letter you sent last week. I am very impressed with both your education and your experience as a writer. Although we don’t have any current openings that match your qualifications, we expect some positions to come open after the first of the year. I would like to meet with you and personally to discuss what we do here and to learn more about your background. Please call my secretary, John Doe, at 555-5555 and make an appointment at a time convenient to us both.



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