Seasons in India

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Seasons in India

India experiences different seasons round the year, namely summer, rains, early autumn, late autumn, winter and spring.

The summer season

The year starts with summer when the burning sun pours down his dazzling and scorching rays. Pools and streams, tanks and wells dry up.

However, this season is rich in various variety of fruits. Mangoes and jackfruits ripen, and we eat them in plenty.

In this season, the day becomes longer than the night. At noon the heat becomes unbearable. There are few to be seen out of doors. Even cows and dogs seek shady shelters. Birds rest in their nests. Roads are almost deserted. The dust storm in the afternoon sometimes reduces the intensity of heat. In mid-summer there is great scarcity of water. But this scarcity of water does not last long.

The Rainy season

Soon the rainy season sets in, bring in plenty of water. The heavy downpour of rain covers the season. The hearts of the farmers leap up in joy at the sight of the cloud in the sky, bringing in the prospect of refreshing showers. Wells and tanks, pools and ponds, that were made dry by the summer, are now full of water.Dried fields become wet, and paddy and jute grow.

The sun remains hidden behind them now and then; it rains in torrents and sometimes it rains continually for days together.

The rainy season is however pleasant and unpleasant at the same time. For if it fertilizes the land and prepares the soil for tilling and sowing, it also turns the village roads muddy and slippery and makes the village folk suffer from cold and fever.

Some villages remain submerged at some places. Excessive rainfall causes difficulty to the people living in huts. The tiny streets also go under water if there is a heavy downpour and the condition of the slum dwellers become worst.

The Early Autumn or Sharat

The next season is early autumn. It is the season of flowers and ‘mellow fruitfulness’. The sky is clear and blue with patches of white clouds sailing here and there in it. The sky seems to smile in pleasant sunlight. Everybody is in a gay and cheerful mood.

Seldom there is any shower of rain. Water, which overflowed the fields and rivers, now begins to subside. At night, the moon makes her appearance in the clear blue sky with a sweet smile in her face. Nights now begin to be longer than days.

Some important festivals like Durga Puja, Diwali, Laxmi Puja, Ram Navami,Kali Puja, etc. are held during this pleasant season.

The Late Autumn or Hemanta

This season is almost like the previous one. Only dew gathers on the blades of grass during the night. Late autumn paddy begins to ripen and vegetables begin to grow in abundance.

The winter season: Towards the end of the autumn season there is a gentle cold that heralds the approach of the winter. Ours being a hot country, the cold of winter is a great relief to us. The mornings are sometimes very cold, but half an hour’s sunshine is enough to make us feel quite comfortable.

Foodstuffs become cheaper in winter. Vegetables and fruits and fish are available in plenty and at cheaper rates. All people like this season. Our health improves during this season. We can now work hard and digest food easily.

Nights become much longer than days. North-wind blows over the country. Two things are enjoyed as the sweetest of all, namely, sunshine and plenty of delicious food. Fortunately, there is no dearth of sunshine in our country even in the coldest season.

The people put on warm clothes. But the poor people suffer because they cannot afford to buy warm clothes. Rich people should donate warm clothes to the poor during this season. Students can play an important role by collecting donations and serving the poor people.

Spring season

Last of all comes spring which is rightly called the ‘king of seasons’. The biting cold of winter is now gone – it is now neither too hot nor too cold. Nature showers her gifts in plenty during this season. At this advent of spring the pleasant sound wind begins to blow. It refreshes our body and mind. The countryside appears to be adorned with green leaves and sweet-smiling flowers. Birds sing and bees hum in the flower garden. Trees and creepers are covered with beautiful flowers. Bees hum all day long among them. The spring is thus most enjoyable of all seasons.


Thus moves the cycle of Indian seasons, each leaving its mark upon nature as also upon people’s mind. They mark the fleeting phases of our glorious country, as she marches from one part of the year to another, through difficulties of heat and cold.

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