Second Carnatic War (1749-1754)

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Second Carnatic War (1749-1754)

Second Carnatic War

The death of Nizam-ul-Mulk Asaf Jah died triggered the war of succession between his son Nasir Jung and grandson Muzaffar Jung. This war of succession and releted events are referred to as Second Carnatic War.

Similar conflict was going on in the Carnatic between Anwaruddin and Chanda Shahib. The French were eagerly waiting for such a situation and lent support to Chanda Shahib in the Carnatic and Muzaffar Jang in Hyderabad. The English soon realizing the potential danger from this combination immediately supported the rival claimants. Chanda Sahib, Muzaffar fang and the French waged a war against Anwaruddin. He was killed in the Battle of Ambar. His son Muhammad Ali sought asylum at Trichinopally and Chanda Shahib ascended the throne.

The British did not allow this situation to prevail for long and sided with, Nasir Jung and Muhammad Ali. However Nasir Jung was assassinated and Muzaffar Jung ascended the throne of Hyderabad as a Nizam and the `Subeder’ of the Deccan. Dupleix, as a reward, was appointed as the governor of the territories south of the river Krishna, coastal Orissa and Masulipatnam. The French found them in a politically comfortable situation with friendly rulers in Hyderabad and Arcot.

The English company however, refused to accept this new situation. The English general Robert Clive captured easily the capital Arcot of the Carnatic. The Treaty of Pondicherry was signed in 1754 and the second Carnatic war came to an end. Muhammad Ali became the Nawab with the help of British.

The whole of the Carnatic fell into the hands of the English. Dupleix tried to recover his possessions but was soon recalled and replaced by Godeheu. The French and the English retained their old positions by the terms of the treaty signed after the Second Carnatic War and promised not to interfere in the local politics in future. However, this marked the beginning of the decline of the French influence and the ascendancy of the English in India.

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