Seven Sister States of India (North East States, Paradise Unexplored)

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Seven Sister States of India (North East States, Paradise Unexplored)

The Seven Sister States of India, also known as Paradise Unexplored, refers to the 7 north-eastern states of India.  All these seven stated are gifted with natural beauty.

The seven sister states of North-east India are:

1. Assam 

2. Arunachal Pradesh

3. Manipur

4. Meghalaya

5. Nagaland

6. Tripura

7. Mizoram

These states cover around 7% of the total land area of India. The combined population of these seven states is around 4.49 crore (2011 census).

These seven states are great example of ethnic diversity and harmony. Though, they have different tradition and cultures, they share political and social thought. They are several numbers of ethnic tribes. Their folk dances, festivals, etc. are rare beauty.

The bihu dance festival of Assam is an excellent example of their rich cultural heritage. The Manipuri dance form is acknowledged worldwide. The Kaziranga National Park is already a major tourist destination.

Meghalaya is famous for scenic beauty along the hilly tracts. The live picture of the thick dark rainy forest of Cherrapunji will not move away of your mind for a while.

The tourism department of India is trying hard to market tourism in these north-eastern states.

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