Shah Jahan II (Rafi-ud-daulah) – Mughal Emperor

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Shah Jahan II (Rafi-ud-daulah) – Mughal Emperor

Shah Jahan II, earlier known as Rafi-ud-daulah, was born on 1696. He succeeded his brother Rafi-Ud-Darajat  to the throne of Mughal Empire on June 6, 1719. He was also being controlled by the Sayyid brothers.

During the reign of Shah Jahan II, Sayyid Hussain Ali Khan proceeded to Agra, and suppressed the rebellion of Niku Siyar. Niku Siyar was arrested and imprisoned.

However, the reign o Shah Jahan II was short lived. Shah Jahan II died on 16th September, 1719 at an early age of 23.

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