Sher – E – Bangla

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Sher – E – Bangla

Sher-E-Bangla A.K. Fazlul Haque our beloved leader. He is known to every man and woman of our country. He was born at the village Saturia under Rajapur Upazila in the district of Jhalokati in 1873. His father’s name was memorious from his boyhood. He passed mathematics and law from Calcutta University. He entered into active politics and became the chief minister of the undivided Bengal twice. He set up many schools and colleges for the education of the village people. He was a real hero .he was one of the greatest politicians in Bangladesh. He tried to improve the condition of the poor people. This great man died on the 27 th April, 1962 at the age of 90. He will live in the memory of our countrymen forever.

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