Short Article on Drug Addiction in India

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Short Article on Drug Addiction in India

Drug Addiction

Drug Addiction refers to the condition of being addicted to a particular drug, particularly narcotic drugs.  These are generally illegal drugs that affect the mood and behaviour of a person.

Drug Addiction is a Social Evil in India. It is the tragedy of our days that millions of youths, the future citizens of India, fall victims to the habit of taking drugs.

These addicted people are on the way to the steady and sure death. It is a social evil that affects the individual as well as the nation as a whole.


It is suspected that there is an under band to diminish and to destroy the youths of our country and to make our nation physically, intellectually and morally weak and invalid forever.

Various types of drugs come to the market through the smugglers and dishonest traders and peddlers. At first the students and youths take it out of curiosity or to fly to the dream-land of intoxication.


The habit of Drug Addiction gradually takes over them and they can never shake-off this habit.

The effect of these dangerous drugs is very fatal and horrible. It spoils the stomachs, effects the nerves and disturbs the chemical balance of the body of the addicts they feel weak and shaky.


According to an estimate, there are about lakhs of drug addicts in large cities such as Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata and Bangalore.

A survey among the University students shows that many students are addicted to this drug or that drug. Thus we find that situation comes to a critical position and the preventive measures should not be delayed any more.

So, a general awareness should be awakening in the government, the guardians and the youths to fight off the evils together.

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