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Short Article on Idleness

Idleness means aversion to do hard labor. An idle man can never rise in life. Some people think that success of life depends on luck. They stand at the foot of a hill and gaze at the sky. They do nothing. Yet, they dream to climb at the top of the hill. It is an utter foolishness.

Idle students while away their time and get plucked in the examination. They dream to make up success on the stage which never happens. Some people do not toil and purchase lottery tickets to become rich and grow bankrupt.

Goddess Fortune favors the brave and the industrious, not the sloth. Idleness causes failure in any walk of life and failure causes mental agony. Idleness makes us inert.

Life becomes miserable to the idle persons. Hard-work is the secret of success not only for an individual but also for nation. The great scientists, poets, statesmen, artists always shrank from idleness and attained success.

The highly developed countries of the world came to the position of power and money because their men and women were never idle. One may say that the rich people are idle. This does not justify that idleness is not a hurdle to achievement.

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