Short Article on Nuclear Weapons

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Short Article on Nuclear Weapons

Nuclear Weapons

Nuclear weapons: Nuclear weapons are terribly destructive. Since long time, the great men of the world have been warning the people that human civilization is dangerously in for extinction. Yet, there is a craze among some nations to possess nuclear weapons.

Existing stockpile: At present the stockpile of nuclear weapons is in the hands of the nuclear-powered nations is enough to destroy the animal world several times over. So, there is a global cry to stop proliferation of nuclear weapons.

The world would be safe from the threat of nuclear-weapons, if all the countries decides to destroy their existing stockpile. Unfortunately, they are not prepared to do so. There hangs as a tale.

Indian’s position as a nuclear power: India performed her second round of nuclear tests at Pokhran is May 1998. This caused immediate euphoria. But India has told the world pointblank that her nuclear explosions are not aimed at attacking any country. It is to safeguard its own interests.

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