Short Article on Ragging

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Short Article on Ragging


Ragging means laughing at or playing trick on somebody. Sometimes it may mean teasing somebody. In this sense ragging is not very objectionable. But in our country ragging has assumed a very bad connotation.

In professional colleges ragging is a shocking ritual practiced by senior students upon their junior counterparts. In the name of ragging junior students are subjected to physical and mental torture. In our country ragging as carried out on an atrocious scale.

Almost every year reports of ragging of the Engineering and Medical Colleges hit the headlines of newspaper. The guilty students of the college were expelled. It was expected that this action taken by the college authorities would desist other from taking part in ragging. But, the ragging problem is still prevalent in our country.

Why do the senior students resort to ragging? It is often put forward as their reason that ragging helps the fresher shake off their inertia and shyness and be smart. But it is reported by the victims of ragging that they are deadly socked by the treatment meted out to them by their seniors. It is unexpected that the brilliant students of engineering and medical colleges should enjoy sadistic pleasure in the name of ragging.

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