Short Article on Terrorism

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Short Article on Terrorism

Terrorism means the destructive activities taken recourse to by a group of people to coerce a government to yield to their demands. Terrorists engage themselves to violent activities. They use deadly arms and ammunition.

Terrorism is mostly used as a lever to achieve a political aim. It is the biggest menace faced by the inter-national community today.

There was a terrorist attack on the Parliament of India on 13th December, 2001. Our security forces fought bravely and killed all the terrorists. Since then, there were several terrorist bomb attacks at Delhi, Mumbai, Varanasi, Pune and other major towns of India. There was another series of bomb attacks at Pune on 1st August, 2012. All this clearly points out the immense strength of hard core terrorist groups and their powerful networks.

Terrorism made its ugly appearance in the West Asian political dispute between Palestine and Israel. The massacre of sportsmen in the Munich Olympic village shook the whole world. Incidents of indiscriminate killing took place in Ireland, Afghanistan, Burma. In the Indian subcontinent, terrorism in the worst form was witnessed in Sri Lanka causing loss of innumerable lives and properties.

In India evil forces with abetment from outside indulge in acts of violent terrorism in Jammu and Kashmir, Punjab and Assam. The aim is to create a chaos in the country with ulterior political motives. Our late Prime Ministers Indira Gandhi and Rajib Gandhi and army general Baidya fell a prey to the extreme acts of terrorism. Hijacking of planes, blowing up of railways and bridges and bus full of passengers all are instances of terrorist activities that killed hundreds of innocent lives. The memories of the explosion of the Air India aircraft ‘Kanishka” in the mid air still haunt us. The Indian Airlines Flight 814 was hijacked on 24th December, 1999 while flying from Kathmandu. One passenger was killed. Other passengers were released after long negotiation.

Kidnapping, hijacking of planes, cross-border terrorism, cyber-terrorism are growing day-by-day. The terrorists use terror as a weapon to fulfill their demands. The effect of terrorism in all cases is killing of innocent people or a large scale massacre of property.

Such unwanted killings and destruction cause irreparable damage to the country. Terrorism should be dealt with ruthlessly with undaunted courage and determination. A group of senseless people cannot be allowed hold the country to ransom. Adherence to strictness only will bring back a stable political and economic environment.

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