Short Autobiography of a Road

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Short Autobiography of a Road

I am Grand Trunk Road, in short G.T. Road. Today I am writing my autobiography.

During the reign of emperor Shershah, I was born and it is about a few hundred years ago. My body is at present metalled but when I was born; my physical structure was not metalled. With my long body I run through many countries and states. I go past many fields and gardens, towns and villages. Every year when rivers flood, the flood water flows washing away the pitch of my body. As a result, my body becomes deformed marking a number of holes. Later on they get repaired.

As a road I remain always busy. Different kinds of vehicles run on me though out the day. During the day time, there remains no gap in time for the pedestrians to walk along my body. In my long life I have seen so many happy and sad incidents.

I am the witness of great emperors like Shershah and Akbar walking along my body and for that I feel proud. Different kinds of processions pass along my body. Sometimes it is a wedding procession and sometimes it is a funeral procession. I am the witness of murderers committing murders on my body and accidents taking place. All these undesirable happenings give me great pain but I have nothing to do.

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