Short Biographical Paragraph on Mahatma Gandhi

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Short Biographical Paragraph on Mahatma Gandhi

Mahatma Gandhi, or Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, was born at Porbandar in Gujarat, on October 2, 1869. His father was the Dewan of the Porbandar State.

Early Life and Career: He married Kasturba when he was only thirteen. He was very truthful from his boyhood days. He went to England to be a barrister. He did not do well as a lawyer.

In South Africa he began a movement against the British rulers. In India too he led the freedom movement and at last won independence in 1947.

Non-violence and Gandhism: Gandhiji believed in non-violence and love. He was against untouchability and all sorts of injustice in society. He lived a saintly life and suffered a lot to see truth triumph. His heart bled for the poor and the oppressed. He said that all men were equal. He wanted them all to live in peace. He dreamed of a Ram Rajya where everybody would live in peace. He was against the modern civilization. Instead, he wanted his countrymen to live in the villages. His philosophy and deed are so great that he is regarded as ‘Mahatma” meaning ‘Great Soul”.

Freedom Struggle in India: After spending 21 years in South Africa, Gandhiji returned to India in 1915. With the help of his mentor, Gopal Krishna Gokhale, he secured his place as the president of Indian National Congress. While fighting against the British rule in India, he always maintained his principles of truthfulness, peace and non-violence. In 1942, he launched the ‘Quit India Movement’ to drive the British out of the country and gave the famous slogan of ‘do or die’ to his countrymen. Though, the movement didn’t prove to be an immediate success, the British had to grant independence to our country in 1947.

Death and Memory: This great son of India was shot dead on January 30, 1948. But he will live forever in our heart for what he has done for India.

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