Short biography of Abul Fazl in 150 words

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A short biography of Abul Fazl in 150 words

Abul Fazl was the author of Ain-i-akbari and one of most important advisors in Akbar’s court. He was born on 14th of January, 1551 at Agra. His father was Sheikh Mubarak.

In 1575 that Abul Fazl was introduced to Akbar. He was a master of literature. Slowly and steadily he rose in Emperor’s favour. According to the historical accounts of this period available, Abut Fazl was Akbar’s most intimate and dearly loved friend and favorite minister and the most famous historian of the age. His works Ain-i-Akbari and Maktubat-i-Allama are the noteworthy records of historical value. He also help Akbar in framing the religious policies.

He was ordered to be assassinated in 1602 by Jahangir, who had misgivings about him and thought that Abul Fazal was exciting hatred in the heart of Akbar. After his assassination Akbar was very much grieved and remained in mourning for many days.

Abul Fazl died on 12th August, 1602.

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