Short Biography of Chandragupta I

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Short Biography of Chandragupta I

Chandragupta, I was the first of the imperial Gupta Empire Kings ruling over a territory much larger in size. To some historians, the Gupta Era was founded to mark the commencement of the reign of Chandragupta I as the founder of the Gupta Empire. The new Era was adopted in due course by the subordinate ruler under the Guptas.

Chandragupta, I was the son of Ghatotkacha.

Chandragupta I is believed to rule from 320 A.D. to 335 A.D. He ascended to the throne in about 320 A.D. His religion was Hinduism.

It was by his conquests that he claimed the title of Maharajadhiraja or the King of Kings which signified the status of an emperor.

He was a very powerful personality and expanded his empire beyond boundaries. The conquests added several other regions within the domain of the Gupta Empire. He also entered into several matrimonial alliances with other powerful Kingdoms to enhance his position. He also married a Lichchavi Princess.

It is generally accepted that the Gupta Era of Indian history started from the time of Chandragupta I.

After Chandragupta, I, his son Samudragupta took control of the throne.

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