Short Biography of David Hare

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Short Biography of David Hare

David Hare was the pioneer of English Education in India. Born in Scotland in 1775, he was brought up as a watchmaker and coming to India in 1800, he followed that occupation for some years.

David Hare associated himself with Raja Ram Mohan Roy, the great Indian Reformer. He devoted his head and heart to the cause of Indian Education.

In January, 1817 he started the Hindu College in Calcutta for the education of Indian youths, and later on founded the Calcutta School Book Society for the printing and publication of English and Bengali books.

His efforts were not limited only to the cause of education. He worked also in other spheres of life to ameliorate the condition of the people. He devoted his earnest efforts to secure the repeal of some of the Regulations against the Native Press, to get the trial by jury for the civil suits in the Supreme Court, and to stop the emigration of Indian coolies to work in the plantation of Mauritius, Bourbon and the other islands. In recognition of his valuable services, the Government appointed him as a Judge of the Court of Requests in 1838.

However, his life of usefulness and philanthropy was cut short by the violent hand of death. In 1842, he died of cholera.

Public subscriptions were at once raised to perpetuate his blessed memory and a full-sized marble statue was erected between the Presidency College and the Hare School that still bears his name. He has left behind him a name and an example that will always be remembered by the citizens of Kolkata with feelings of profound respect and sincere gratitude. These are more durable than brass or marble.

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