Short Biography of Devendra Nath Tagore in 120 words

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Short Biography of Devendra Nath Tagore in 120 words

Devendra Nath Tagore was the father of Rabindra Nath Tagore. He was born on May 15, 1817. He was a great religious preacher and social reformer.

Debendranath Tagore, a keen follower of Rammohan, founded Adi Brahmo Samaj. In 1843 A.D. Debendranath first founded ‘Sarbatatyadipika Sabha’ for religious discussions. Later it was known as ‘Tattvabodhini Sabha’. He introduced the ‘Tattvabodhini Patrika’ and its editor was Akshya Kr. Dutta.

On 21st December 1843 A.D., Debendranath along with his 20 friends became Brahma by Ramchandra Vidyabagish. Debendranath with the help of Radhakanta Dev founded ‘Hindu Hitarthi’ on 1st March 1846. Then he founded ‘Hindu Metropolitan College’ and ‘Brahma Vidyalaya’ (1859 A.D.).

The death of this great man on 19th January, 1905 A.D. was a serious blow to cultural movement and reform.

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