Short Biography of Kasturba Gandhi

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Short Biography of Kasturba Gandhi

Kasturba Gandhi

Kasturba Gandhi was political activist during the British rule in India. She was the wife of Mohan Das Karamchand Gandhi (also Mahatma Gandhi). She also participated in the India’s struggle for Independence against the British rule.

Birth: She was born on April 11, 1869, in Porbandar. Her earlier name was Kastur Kapadia.

Parents: Her father Gokuladas Kapadia, was a successful businessman of Porbandar. Her mother`s name was Vrajkunwerba Kapadia.

Marriage: She was married to Mahatma Gandhi in 1883. Post her marriage, when her husband left for London, she stayed back in India to take care of her son, Hiralal. The couple had four sons.

Career: Kasturba was an unsophisticated simple and loving person. She was completely engrossed in furthering the cause of Indian freedom, which to her was her husband’s mission of life. She was a mother-figure to all the Ashramites. She participated in all the steps undertaken by Gandhiji wholeheartedly and with full dedication.

  • 1915: She along with her husband fought for and supported the Indigo planters.
  • 1913: She raised her voice against the inhuman working conditions of the Indians in South Africa.
  • 1917: She worked towards educating women of Champaran, Bihar. She also educated them on how to maintain personal hygiene.
  • 1922: She participated in a Satyagraha movement in Gujarat.
  • 1939: She participated in nonviolent protests in Rajkot.

Inspiration for Indian women: Kasturba Gandhi was big source of inspiration for Indian women during her time. The call for participating in the freedom movement by Gandhiji inspired many women of great integrity throughout the country. It is the result of all these efforts that in post-independent India, women are taking part and serving in all branches of life and administration. They have proved their mettle in carrying on the responsibilities of high offices they are holding today.

Conclusion: Kasturba Gandhi always stood by her husband in the freedom fight of India. Kasturba Gandhi died on February 22, 1944. But, she is still remembered as a great woman of her time.

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