Short Biography of Ramabai Ranade (Women Social Reformer)

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Short Biography of Ramabai Ranade (Women Social Reformer)

Biography of Ramabai Ranade

Introduction: Ramabai Ranade was one of the great social reformers of her time and staunch supporter of woman’s’ rights. She was born on 25th January, 1863.

Marriage: She was married to Mahadev Govind Ranade at the young girl of eleven. She was twenty one years junior to her husband. But the disparity in age did not come in the way of young Ramabai to understand her husband. In no time she blossomed into the most suitable partner for him.

Early Education: She had the curiousity to learn and had a great thirst for knowledge. Mahadev Govind Ranade taught her to read and write Marathi and English for two hours every day.

Career: When Ramabai, with the active cooperation and help of few ladies worked to start a High School for girls, she was confronted by endless opposition from the people. But, her husband gave all his support and after a struggle the institution came into existence.

The facility to set up an individual establishment at Nasik in 1875 helped Ranade to concentrate more in their mission of life. Ramabai, now an efficient house-wife, relieved Ranade of all the responsibilities of running a home.

Seva Sadan Society: Ramabai founded the ‘Seva Sadan Society’ in Poona. Soon, it had many branches in Bombay (now Mumbai). The Sadan aimed at preparing good housewives and citizen, help the down-trodden and prepare them to lead a useful life. Ramabai extended a wing for nursing and medicine. Many upper-class widows and girls started taking lessons here. Many an unfortunate destitute was rehabilitated through this institution.

Service of needy: Ramabai took active part in the suffrage movement. She was ever ready to help the needy and stranded women. Any call for help and she was there with her band of workers. She lost her husband in 1901. But she was not disheartened. After a year she began her work again to continue till she breathed her last. Twenty-seven years of experience under the guidance of her husband was of great help to her.

Conclusion: Ramabai Ranade was a good writer in he own right. Her reminiscences and the autobiography are a brilliant record of the social conditions of her time. She passed away in 1924.

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