Short Essay on Books

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Short Essay on Books


Which books to be read? We have millions of books of books today. Which books are to be read then? In this connection one would do well if one remembers the famous advice of Bacon:

‘Some books are to be tasted, other to be swallowed, and some few to be chewed and digested’.

We have, therefore, to select such books as are most useful to us. In this matter we should take the advice of experts teachers and guides.

How books multiplied? Man’s horizon of knowledge is ever widening. Everyday man breaks a fresh ground and adds something new to his storehouse of knowledge and experience. To bring about a system the entire knowledge has been branched off in different steams of learning. These streams of learning have been enriched by scholars and scientists throughout the ages. As the books are the vehicles of knowledge, their number also has multiplied. This is the case in every branch of learning.

Role of books in society: Books are friends to a man. They have been part and parcel of civilization. Naturally books have a great role to play in civilized society. They are the medium for the communication of thoughts and experiences from one man to another.

Thus, the thoughts and feelings of one age are carried to the other that follows though the vehicles of books. So books have been the barometer of progress of civilization and culture of different ages.

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