Short Essay on Curiosity

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Short Essay on Curiosity


Curiosity refers to the strong desire to know something. To see the unseen and to know the unknown is inherent in human nature.

We climb a mountain to feel its majesty. We rush to the sea to be thrilled with its vastness and to the desert to apprehend its roughness. Thus the travelers roam about from one place to another of the world to satisfy their curiosity.

Curiosity is the mother of knowledge. In fact, curiosity acts as a driving force behind many a discovery or invention. It is the mainspring of every advance of human civilization.

Curiosity opens new prospects and produces newer interest to further progress. As for example, we can think of the great scientist, Sir Isaac Newton. One day he sat under an apple tree. An apple fell down. He became alert. He asked himself why the apple did not go upward. Afterwards he invented the laws of the force of gravitation.

Columbus discovered America while he was out to satisfy his curiosity. Livingstone explored the Dark Continent. Magellan voyaged round the world. Even the moon has been conquered by the force of our curiosity.

Of course, we should remember that if the curiosity is unhealthy, it may lead us to danger and degradation. Many young men and women fall a victim to drugs when they go on to satisfy their unhealthy curiosity to it.

However, if we can use our curiosity in healthy direction, it can lead us to new avenues of progress and prosperity. Even science is the offspring of curiosity. At first science was the nursling of the necessity. Then, as the demand of the body for food and drink was satisfied, the mind grew curious.

Thus our civilization is moving on the wheels of progress as curiosity has not yet stopped.

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