Short Essay on Discipline

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Short Essay on Discipline

Discipline is the systematic way of training people to act according to code of behaviour or rules. Discipline is necessary in every walks of life. We all have to work. But how can we work if we do not know how to do it? So, we have to take the help of some rules and methods. These rules guide us and help us. It is only then that we are able to do our work well. What will happen if everybody does as he likes? Will your team score a goal if every player kicks at random? Can your family be happy if every member goes his own way? You can do well only when you follow some rules. If you do not, you will fail. In other words, your success depends upon discipline. Discipline is nothing but action according to rules.

So, discipline is needed everywhere. The most important rule of discipline is obedience. You must not ask why or how. You must have respect for rules and orders. You have to obey an order even if it is wrong. How do you play football? You stop as soon as the whistle stops you. But you start playing when the whistle allows you. You have to obey the referee. Can you play football if you do not care for the whistle? No games or sports can be played if you do not obey rules.

In the same way, no school or college can run if students do not obey their teachers. Students have to keep silent in class-rooms. They have to respect their teachers. They cannot make a noise. They cannot fight or quarrel. They must care for their studies/ they must come in time. All these rules help them do their work well. Discipline does not kill their freedom. It only controls them and teaches them good manners. How can they become good citizens if they do not learn good manners?

Even a small family cannot be happy without discipline. All the members must obey the head of the family. Nobody can do as he likes. No home can be peaceful without discipline. A home without discipline is like a wild forest, not a lovely garden.

Nowhere is discipline more necessary than in the army. Soldiers must obey the command blindly. They have to march on even in the teeth of great dangers. They cannot ask why. They have only to do and die. A soldier is not a pleader. A pleader will always argue for pr against something. But a soldier must carry out a command even if it is wrong. If he does not, his country is sure to lose the battle.

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