Short Essay on Importance of School Education

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Short Essay on Importance of School Education

School education lays the foundation stone in building the personality of a person.

The school education in India today has roughly three divisions:

  1. The Primary education,
  2. The Secondary education and
  3. The Higher Secondary education.

The primary education is virtually, a disorganized affair, each school pursuing its own method. The syllabus of secondary schools are state-managed. It has common curricula having a rationale in its syllabus. The Higher Secondary functions at three levels: the State-level, the CBSE and the ICSE. The texts are framed by scholarly experts selected by the NCERT or State text book committees. Thus we have struck off the older pattern of our time that has become jaded today and are obsolete.

Primary education helps in the development of analytical skills, character and overall personality in a child.

The importance of school education lies in the fact that the children of today will become adult citizens of tomorrow. The growth and future of our country highly depends upon the quality of the present school education system. But, we notice that the less privileged get sub-standard schools. The teachers teach like drudges and there is little participation. In a good school the chief objective of the authority is to stimulate interest and curiosity in the students. Today in major cases this happens because of high fees. In India this disparity is proving to be cancerous for the nation. Merit is never an exclusive possession of the affluent class. Unless opportunities of good education trail down to the grass-root level, the health of the nation will surely suffer.

It is important to understand that the facilities for education should be equal for all. A large cross-section of dull, unresponsive students that hail from the affluent class makes their way into good schools where highly paid good teachers serve. On the other hand, such good schools are clean beyond the reach of honest earning parents. Thus there is cleavage between quality education and quality students today. Quality Education is the right of every quality student.

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