Short Essay on Importance of Travelling in Education

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Short Essay on Importance of Travelling in Education

Travelling plays an important role in our education. The terms ‘travelling’ and ‘education’ cannot be alienated from each other. Our education remains incomplete without travelling.

‘Travelling” means going from one place to other places. In ancient times travelling was very difficult and risky because there were no proper roads and transports. A traveler had to pass hills and forests. He had to face the fury of nature, wild beasts, robbers and many other obstacles.

With triumph of science, travelling has now become easy, cheap, quick and pleasant. Due to invention of steamships railways, electricity, motor cars and airplanes, our journey from one place to and other place even in abroad has become very easy and comfortable.

Travelling is now regarded as an important part of education. Educational Tour increases our knowledge and new thoughts and ideas grow up in us. The education of man remains incomplete if he does not visit important places of the world. Reading of books only provides man with half knowledge. But travelling with eyes wide open and mind fully gives him full knowledge.

Travelling also removes his narrowness and superstitions. It makes a traveler smart and self-reliant. Owing to the fabulous progress in the field of communication, travelling today involves less hazards. Hence, students must take part in educational tours. It is both entertaining and instructing for them.

From Kashmir valley to Kanyakumari and from Kutch to Kalimpong, in the east, our country provides hundreds of places known for architecture, climate, scenery, environment, history, development, industry, culture, music, dance, religion a fauna. Then, there are seats of learning, which one may like to visit. Educational tour exposes your mind to the diverse cultures of India. The feeling of Unity in Diversity and Communal Harmony takes birth through educational tours.

The education of a student remains incomplete without travelling. Educational institutions and tourist bureaus often arranges study tours at affordable rates. Many schools and colleges arrange visit to places that are of geographical or historical importance. Visit to historical places give students a practical insight of the past events. After visiting these historical places, when these students read about those places or events, then they are able to fully understand the subject.

It is very difficult to understand the nature  of various types of soils, forests, etc. simply by reading textbooks. Travel to places of geographical importance also helps a student to grasp the depth of the subject.

It has been observed that in cities’ students are travelling twice a year either with their respective schools/colleges or with their parents or friends, because there is no financial problem with them, whereas students of village schools are deprived of such travels for their want of money. Government should look into the matter and make arrangement for Education Tours in Village Schools.

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