Short Essay on Morning Walk

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Short Essay on Morning Walk

Morning walk is not necessary for farmers and laborers. They work all day in fields or factories. They have to work hard with their hands and feet. So, they do not need any other physical exercise. But some of us have to work in office. Officers have to sit for six to eight hours a day and do desk-work. Students, too, have to sit for five to six hours every day in their classes. They have to do mental work. Such people need to value the importance of morning walk in their lives.

There are several kinds of physical exercise. You have hundreds of games and sports. But they are not meant for all. Students can play football or volleyball. They can run or swim. But what about persons working in offices? What about teachers, doctors and lawyers? And, what about old men and women? Their only exercise is the walking during the morning time. In fact, walking is the only exercise that suits everybody’s needs and tastes.

This means that you have to rise early to go for a morning walk. You can get fresh air only in the early morning. Birds are healthy because they rise early get fresh air. Nature, too, is at her best in the morning. You can see beautiful sunrise and hear the sweet music of birds. There is feast of music and colors everywhere. Today you fly like birds. Why should you not also rise early like birds and enjoy this great feast? This feast of beauty will give you health, too.

But some people like to walk just for pleasure. They go on long walking-tours. They wander about all day and even at night. They lose their way in unknown places and keep wandering all the time. They lie on soft grass and drink in the beauty of Nature. They live in the company of birds and animals and learn great lessons from them. Such walkers are poets. They love walking madly. But sometimes these mad men give us very fine things called poetry. How wonderful these mad walkers are!

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