Short Essay on Policeman

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Short Essay on Policeman

The police is entrusted with the duty of stopping and controlling people who break laws. He makes people to abide by the law. One, who does not follow will be punished by the police. Police is responsible for the safety of our lives and property. Therefore, the role of a police officer is the significant. He acts as a liberator of the society.

Laws are needed in all the countries. The laws help in maintaining peace. Therefore, the law must be observed by all citizens. But there are some elements in every society who do not pay any attention to the laws of the land.

A police officer is generally a man of good health. He wears a khaki uniform and carry a cane in hand. He ties a belt around his waist and wears only a shirt and pants. The officers of each state of India could be distinguished due to their different official symbols.

The policeman is assigned jobs at the police station and check posts. Occasionally, they are assigned to the locality of the city where there is fear of disruption and disorder. Policemen play a decisive role at the public demonstrations and strikes. When the crowds become aggressive and violent, he also uses his stick to manage the crowd.  When the situation deteriorates, they also resort to firing, but with the approval of his superiors.

The job of policemen is really tough because he must be on duty round the clock, despite the fact that police forces are work in shifts. A policeman is considered to be the guardian of the law and order. He maintains peace and harmony. He becomes tough with those who violate discipline and create chaos and confusion. He even works during the winter nights. He performs multiple duties. It also settles disputes among various communities. He protects the sanctity of religious processions and keeps the troublemakers away. He is an enemy to all those people who indulge in riots or thefts. He is the protector of the poor and vulnerable.

The policemen gets poor salary, their standard of living is low. He has to support his family with that income. They keep working hard despite getting low insufficient salary. The policemen must be paid well and respected because they are the true protector of civil society of the nation.


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