Short Essay on The Joy of Winter Season

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Short Essay on The Joy of Winter Season

The Winter Season in India is moderately cold. The coldest months are December and January in most parts of the country.

Nature grows old in winter. It is a period of decay. Who can love this old lady? There is no beauty anywhere. There is nothing but fog and snow. How cold and unkind it is! The bright sun has gone away. The sweet spring is no more.

This is how you complain against winter. But your complaint has no sense. Why should you wish the winter to be summer or spring? If you do so, you cannot enjoy life. Everything, we know, has its own beauty. If winter becomes spring, winter will no longer remain winter. What would happen if all the year were an endless spring? You would not like it, the. For it would become dull. Beauty lies in change. So, Nature gives us one season after another. And every season comes with a beauty of its own.

At some regions in India, winters are moderately cold, while it is severely cold at other places.

Winter is cold, no doubt, but how nicely you keep it out! Your woolen garment keeps you ward and also make you beautiful. People sit by the fire. How sweet it is! A fire-place in winter becomes a club. You talk this and that. You tell stories or discuss politics. It serves as a radio set, too. You get a lot of news about different places and different persons. But sometimes a fire-place is more than a radio. A radio gives us news only. But a fire-place manufactures both news and rumors. You enjoy all this and then go to bed. How soft is your bed and how sweet your sleep in winter!

Winter is a season of health, too. What a pleasure it is to eat! Eat whatever you like and eat as much as you like, there is no trouble. In any other season you would fall ill easily and lose all the pleasure of eating.

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