Short Essay on Train Journey

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Short Essay on Train Journey

A journey by train presents us with many scenes. However, these scenes differ in character according to the location through which we pass.

Thus, we see one kind of sight in passing through manufacturing districts, quite a different kind of sights in agricultural districts, while the scene changes again in passing along the seacoasts.

When passing through manufacturing districts, one main feature of the scene seems to be, the large number of tall chimneys. Generally, these chimneys send forth dense volumes of smoke, which renders the atmosphere hazy; and gives a dirty and grimy appearance to everything around.

Warehouses and factories are seen on all sides; trucks laden with goods pass and re-pass along the line; and there is, generally, a considerable amount of bustle and activity.

In agricultural districts, the scene is quite different. Green fields waving with corn, cattle grazing on pasturelands, quite farmhouses and rich orchards – these make up a most pleasant and agreeable spectacle. The houses peeping through clumps of trees look very nice, and the birds singing from boughs of trees make sweet music in the ear.

The scene changes again in passing along the seacoast. Through the windows of your carriage, you can see the varying color of the sea and the surf beating against the land. Sometimes the waves dash high, and at other times, the sea is calm and peaceful. At sunrise and sun-set there is often a picture of great loveliness.

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