Short Essay on Uses of Electricity

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Short Essay on Uses of Electricity


Introduction: Electricity is a great boon of Modern Science. Electricity has removed darkness from the world and has illuminated every sphere of human activity. Today life without electricity is almost impossible. Modern life has become so modern and so mechanical that even for all small things in daily life we need electricity. The television, radio, grinder, tape-recorder, heater all that we are using at home are running only by electric power.

Uses of Electricity

Electricity is used in various fields of human activity. The importance of electricity in various fields in which electricity works are discussed below:

1. Engineering: All engineering and technical activities depend on electricity. Building certain materials and welding all depend on electricity. As a matter of fact an engineering workshop needs electricity every moment.

2. Communication and transport: Modern man today is enjoying all the facilities of transport and communication and these are possible only through electricity.

3. Surgery: Modern treatment of many diseases is surgical. Hundreds of patients are undergoing surgical operations and these operations are impossible without electricity. The operation theatre will not be opened if there is not electricity. Doctors need a powerful light which hands over the body of the patient upon the operation table. If electricity fails when the patient is etherized upon the table becomes really fatal for the patient and there is little hope of his or her survival.

4. Entertainment programs: Today all our entertainment programs depend on electricity. Television, cinema, radio, tape-recorder, V.C.P and V.C.R are the modern sources of entertainment and they cannot run without electricity. Just imagine what happens in a cinema hall when electricity fails in the middle of the show. People shout and become restless. Often they run violent if there is no electricity for a long time.

5. House-building: Modern house-building also needs electricity, especially for getting grills for the windows, gates and other materials of iron and steel. We also need electricity for polishing mosaic floors and cutting marble pieces.


Electricity is precious and should never be wasted. At the same time, there is need to exercise caution while using electricity. A slight touch of an open electric wire takes away human life within no time. Therefore we should be careful about that. A broken switch, a damaged plug, a damaged wire should immediately be repaired or replaced.People should use electricity only when they need it. It should never be taken as a fun to play.

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